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Head Greenkeepers Monthly Report

The Head Greenkeepers monthly report is now posted on the Notice Board.

Members are encouraged to read the these reports.

Any suggestions or comments on the reports should be addressed in writing to the Secretary or the Greens Convenor.

Peter J.Boyd
Greens Convenor

Greenkeepers Greens Report
Thu 23rd Oct – Wed 26th Nov

During this period we have seen rainfall totalling 152 mm with Temperatures lower than last month around 10 degrees this is still higher than seasonal average. Growth across the course is now minimal, many areas reaching dormancy however as long as we have air temps of around 10 degrees and ground temps above 6 degrees we will still see movement on greens and tees, for the next couple of months when weather permits I will be giving the aprons and walk on/off areas a solid tine and a top-dress with coarse grade sand topdressing. The mild weather has meant a longer growing season which in turn has aided recovery from any disease scarring on greens. The 2nd of three winter hardening applications has been applied on the greens Winter Aeration will continue on greens, Tees and Fairways in the form of slit Tining / Spiking (as weather permits).

It is now too late in the season for seed germination so divoting areas has stopped, however with fairways now being protected and winter tees where possible are now being utilised the protection of these areas will hopefully see them in good condition for the start of next season. Areas where winter Tees are not an option the markers will be placed at the front of the main Tee and moved as often as possible to minimise damage.

The greens have been getting cut once during the week slightly higher than 5mm, for the moment tees, aprons and green banks have been cut once in 3 weeks we will monitor growth across the course and prevent any areas becoming too long/untidy.

Winter markers received a fresh coat of paint before being taken out. The white lines and posts and signs are out directing traffic away from worn areas. Most leafs are now down and cleared for another year. By keeping on top of the leaf blowing I feel we have managed to keep dieback to a minimum and maintained decent levels of presentation and grass cover around the putting green, first tee and pro shop areas. Gutters have been cleared on club house building, pro shop and green keeping shed and the silt traps on the driveway have been cleared.

Some good progress has been made with the areas surrounding the club house and pro shop. Astro turf and cobbles now line the path leading to our pro shop and first tee. With dead stumps removed the banking area is covered with the autumn cores removed from the greens which in time will grow into a dense sward of the finest grasses creating a low maintenance easy on the eye finish. The addition of a new information board has also been installed at the 1st tee. This is great for informing golfers about course conditions or any daily info that might be relevant.

We have carried on work with the Astro-turf on steps leading to tees and any bridges that might have any exposed wood to avoid slipping.

5 Larch trees have been removed from the RHS of the 18th green with plans to extend the transplanting of more young broom plants in this area creating a border between the semi rough and the more mature beech trees beyond.

We have removed the sand from the bunker LHS of the 6th green site, this will be backfilled and prepared for Turfing.

Both paths at 12 leading to 13 tees have been worked on exposing water carriers to avoid excessive wash down with both bridges being covered with fresh Astroturf and the ditches under them being cleared to aid water movement from this area. The path at the 10th tee has been rerouted to the right and finishes higher up the hill avoiding the steep incline at the bottom of the hill. We will continue to work on with paths and service paths to help reduce the level of maintenance required. Astro turf will be used where water movement and washout is a problem.

4 moles have been caught.

Please note:

In order to protect some of our wetter and slightly softer greens I would like to propose the following measures to help with this.

I understand that historically we have a course that handles the rain well and temporary greens are normally only utilised during frost and snow conditions. As you will all be aware, most golf courses have winter greens. These are used during extreme weather conditions to protect greens that become saturated or are in danger of being damaged as a result of people playing on them during these weather conditions.

Although the greens are firm for most of the year at Fereneze Golf Club, during winter, temperatures drop, rainfall increases, growth is reduced and as a consequence the recovery period for grass takes longer. I believe our course would benefit from using some of our temporary greens in locations like the 4th, 8th, 11th, 12th and 17th holes during extreme weather conditions as this will reduce traffic over specific areas on our greens and will therefore prevent damage occurring.

Green keeping staff try to direct traffic across the course every winter to protect certain areas and I believe the greens should be incorporated in this also. It is important to understand that this would only ever be a temporary measure and would be monitored with updates throughout the day/night across the club.

If we can implement measures to protect and preserve certain greens around our course, I believe we will have a firmer, truer putting surface earlier the following year. The clubs understanding regarding this matter would be greatly appreciated thanks.

Kevin Wilson
Head Green Keeper

Bar & Kitchen Winter Hours

  Bar Kitchen
Monday 12pm - 5pm Closed
Tuesday 11am - 10pm 11am - 4pm
Wednesday 11am - 10pm 11am - 4pm
Thursday 11am - 4pm 11am - 4pm
Friday 11am - 12am 11am - 8pm
Saturday 11am - 12am 11am - 8pm
Sunday 11am - 8pm 11am - 7pm

Winter Programme 2014/2015

The following areas where possible have to be considered for 2014/2015.

Certain projects may not be possible due to the weather, but priority will be given to the work which is considered beneficial to the course.

Listed is the work schedule:

White lines and (Ropes & Stakes) will be used to divert traffic during the winter months. Weather will dictate how early we start this and for how long in the spring. Once again we will box the fairways and in addition allow the option of mats.

Garden areas at the Clubhouse and Professionals shop plus the Centenary Garden require attention. More planting at the Centenary Garden to get total coverage and reduce weeds. Clubhouse, stumps removed and turfed other areas could be lined and wood chippings placed?.

Paths. Removing excess within from utility paths will reduce the depth of rutting during heavy rain. Large deposits of material at the bottom of the paths will be removed and restored then utilised in prep for Astro Turf base. Focusing on worst paths for washout first. Install catch water drain in front of 4th main tee can be channelled behind Red/Ladies Tee. Re-route the end of the 10th path to RHS avoiding steep slope.

Move Bunker LHS of 6th green, make it a proper greenside bunker.

9th. Trees and bushes will have to be cut as the line of sight from the winter tee is curtailed.

The 13th medal to be extended, front and right hand side.

The 10th Medal Tee soften tee bank and lift and level ladies/red tee.

Recommend removing the Swale at the RHS of the 15th green to soften area for easier maintenance and playability, also lift area at the back of the green to conform with rest of the green.

Trees. RHS 3 dead Elm Trees to be undertaken externally, once down we can chop up and remove, any other tree work i.e. behind the 18th green can be removed in house.

Course furniture painted and mono block stones painted and sunk into tees surface to replace old circle stones on tee banks, more visible.

Remove bushes and small trees to the right hand side of the semi rough at the first to create a practice area. If possible install 3 practice mats for use.

Consider removing the bushes from behind the 4th tee. Beneficial for the tee and would give a clear outlook over the course towards the 3rd/17.

Create a Championship Tee behind the existing 10th Tee.

Astro Turf has been sourced, when delivered to the course intend to improve the area round the 1st tee and shop.

Peter J. Boyd
Greens Convenor

Protection Of Fairways During Winter
November 2014 - March 2015

As in previous years the Winter Protection of fairways is to take place and posts have been erected on the protected areas of the fairways.

A player whose ball comes to rest on the fairway within the boxed area will be required to move the ball off the fairway and shall place the ball in play not nearer the hole. Members are requested where possible to place the ball no nearer than 1 metre from the fairway.

The use of fairway mats is now permitted from 1 November. The mats may be used on a clearly mown area through the green. The mat must be placed as near as possible to where the ball originally lay.

The existing winter ruling on lifting and placing the ball in the boxed area is still in place for those who do not use a mat.

Thank you once again for your co-operation this will a long term benefit for the course in 2015.

Peter J. Boyd
Greens Convenor

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Winter Maintenance Programme

The winter maintenance programme will commence week beginning 22nd september 2014 (weather permitting).

During this week aeration will take place to greens and surrounds, it is imperative that this work is carried out as early as possible, to allow the course to recover before the winter.

We thank the members for their patience and understanding during this period.

Peter J. Boyd
Greens Convenor

Fereneze Committee 2014/15

Fereneze Committee 2014/15

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